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Mentor MP


If your application requires regeneration, an accurate speed control, a dynamic performance and a constant torque over a wide range of speeds, Mentor MP is the DC drive you need.

Mentor MP is designed for :
• improving reliability of the system and ensuring the sustainability of the DC installation,
• optimizing motor performance
• minimizing service times and downtime during the replacement of an older drive thanks to the electrical and mechanical compatibility

  • 5 to 1150 HP 3 inputs, 208/480 VAC
  • 15 to 1400 HP 3 inputs, 575 VAC
  • 300 to 1600 HP 3 inputs, 690 VAC



mentor 2
quantum 3

Quantum MP

Quantum MP is a compact DC drive package. It integrates the intelligence of the Mentor MP with a 120 AC interface, fuses, a control transformer and a motor output DC contactor.

  • 5 to 400 HP 3 ph inputs, 208-480 VAC

Contrex / Fenner


This DC drive provides digital control of DC motors of up to 2 HP. It also provides closed-loop speed regulation with zero cumulative errors and precise coordination of complex multi-motor control systems.