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Digitax ST

1,1 à 8 A

First servo drives which allow you to meet the requirements of modern,
constantly-evolving and rigorous automation environments, requiring very
powerful products which are more flexible and more compact.

High peak torques: up to 300% of Tn.

Optimization of the product for the application :

  • ST BASE, solution for centralized architectures.
  • ST INDEXER, for point-to-point positioning applications.
  • ST PLUS, high-performance motion controller.

Network communication via fieldbus: Profibus, EtherCAT, Profinet…

Guaranteed performance when paired with Unimotor hd servo-motors.

Epsilon EP

Characterized by power, simplicity and Ethernet options, this compact and easyto-use “Motion Easy Mode” servo drive, is available as a simple amplifier or a fully programmable and powerful axis motion controller.

EN Drives

This series of fully digital drives offers high performance and great flexibility. The addition of FM options makes this controller a sophisticated indexing module (FM-2) or a highly programmable controller (FM-3 and FM-4).

MDS Controls

It is a modular and fully digital controller. It uses a backplane architecture that provides a common bus platform for one power module and up to eight axis control modules. It also accepts FM-2, FM-3 and FM-4 modules.

Emerson Industrial automation

FX Drive

It was by far one of the most user-friendly and most functional Servo drives. It now forms part of Emerson’s “legacy” products and can be easily replaced with other products. Contact us for turnkey replacement solutions